Occasionalism: Locke and his contemporaries

Occasionalism: Locke and his contemporaries

Paper submission deadline: 31 March 2021

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On occasionalism: Locke and His Contemporaries

Call for papers for «Studi Lockiani. Ricerche sull’età moderna», volume 2, year 2021. The Journal publishes articles, notes, discussions, and reviews written in English, Italian or French.

The volume On occasionalism: Locke and His Contemporaries aims to present an innovative, interdisciplinary, and rigorous philosophical analysis of occasionalism in the Western philosophical tradition, in the early modern period and in John Locke's time. Philosophers have wondered about the nature of causality since antiquity, but this volume intends to focus on the occasionalism of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, namely various forms of occasionalism and writers who have encountered the themes of occasionalism in their reflections and whose thoughts are intertwined with Locke's works.

The volume is intended to include high-quality essays that concentrate on discussions already underway in the field of philosophical historiography and that propose new interpretative paths. The thematic range encompasses the philosophical theology, metaphysics, and natural philosophy that characterized and partially modified the history of occasionalism and European philosophy between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries.

«Studi Lockiani. Ricerche sull’età moderna» invites interested scholars to contribute. In line with the spirit of the Journal, contributions are expected to provide a historical and theoretical analysis of the topic from different perspectives in order to shed new light on this major philosophical theme.

Papers should be submitted by 31 March 2021.  Articles can be written in English, Italian, or French. The Journal normally accepts articles no longer than 10,000 words, inclusive of footnotes and bibliography. However, longer submissions are considered in exceptional cases.

The Journal also publishes notes and discussions consisting of no more than 5,000 words and reviews of no more than 1,000 words.

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