Executive editor:

Alessandra Montanini - Department of Chemistry, Life Sciences and Environmental Sustainability - University of Parma, Italy

mantle petrology and geochemistry, radiogenic isotopes, extending Lithosphere

Associate editors: 

Giulio Borghini -Earth Sciences Department -University of Milan, Italy 

mantle petrology, experimental petrology, isotope geochemistry, melt-rock reactions, gabbroic rocks, extending lithosphere

Marco ChiariIGG - Institute of Geosciences and Earth Resources - Florence, Italy

Radiolarian biostratigraphy

Marc Hässig - Department of Earth Sciences - University of Geneva, Switzerland

geodynamics, subduction, obduction, geochronology, modelling, basin evolution, structural geology

Chuan-Zhou Liu - Institute of Geology and Geophysics - Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

formation and evolution of the oceanic lithosphere, isotope geochemistry

Francesca Meneghini - Earth Sciences Department - University of Pisa, Italy

sbduction, structural geology, brittle faults, earthquake geology

Claudio Natali - Earth Sciences Department - University of Florence, Italy

geochemistry, petrology, petrography

Jose Alberto Padron-Navarta - GĂ©osciences Montpellier - University of Montpellier, France

metamorphic petrology, thermodynamic modelling, fluid-rock interaction, High-Pressure

Alessio Sanfilippo - Earth and Environmental Sciences Department - University of Pavia, Italy

mantle geochemistry, Mid Ocean Ridge Processes, radiogenic isotopes, igneous petrology

Senior editor:  Valerio Bortolotti - Earth Sciences Department - University of Florence, Italy