Vol 8 (2018)

Pasolini and Sophocle’s “Antigone”: a translation workshop

Andrea Cerica
Published August 1, 2019
  • Pasolini,
  • Antigone (tragedy),
  • Sophocles’ reception,
  • Translation studies,
  • Antigone’s myth in the Twentieth Century,
  • Eugenio Della Valle,
  • Pietro Novelli
  • ...More


The paper aims at summarizing in all the respects the fragmentary translation of Sophocles’ Antigone (ll. 1-281) drafted by Pasolini at the end of 1960, which is a newborn and mainly misunderstood topic of the broad literature on Pasolini and the classics. This translation for the stage will be briefly investigated from both a stylistic and a thematic point of view; but it will be also seen in the background of the poet’s life, thought and works.