Vol 7 (2017)

«Addio ricordi ingombranti»: l’interazione con i modelli nella Medea di Maricla Boggio

Elena Rossi Linguanti
Università di Pisa
Published February 15, 2019


The main character of Maricla Boggio’s Medea is a modern Medea which, in a fictitious dialogue with a psychoanalyst, decides not to kill her rival nor her children. This solution, totally different from the traditional one, is reached at the end of a long process in which Medea goes through and confronts with the whole antecedent tradition: Boggio’s text includes the voices of previous Medeas by quoting and translating many passages from Euripides, Seneca, Corneille, Cherubini, Niccolini and Anouilh. This essay examines how the intertexts connect and interact with each other, fully contributing to the modern perspective.