La dialettica soggettività-oggettività fra scienza linguistica e scienza giuridica: il paradigma istituzionale nella riflessione di Giovanni Nencioni e Pietro Piovani

  • Marco Maurizi Independent researcher


Focusing on the Italian linguistic thought of the XXth Century, this paper aims to examine the juridical notion of institution as applied to the functioning of language. The «institutional paradigm» will be examined in the original formulation given by Giovanni Nencioni (1911-2008), who drew on the parallel between language and juridical norms in order to justify his peculiar theoretical position mediating between Benedetto Croce and Ferdinand de Saussure. Particular attention will be paid to the declination of the paradigm suggested by Pietro Piovani (1922-1980); this will help us illuminate strengths and limitations of the institutional approach in language and law analysis.